Come down to the Planet Ant Theatre and check out their production of REALLY REALLY by Paul Downs Colaizzo! I'm playing DAVIS in this poignant piece, and can't wait to share it with you all.

September 9 – October 1
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm
Two Sunday performances on September 18 at 2pm & September 25, 6pm.
Get your tickets:

Paul Downs Colaizzo's Really Really is a startlingly funny play about a group of Generation Me college students in the aftermath of a wild campus party. When morning-after gossip about privileged Davis and ambitious Leigh turns ugly, self-interest collides with the truth and the resulting storm of ambiguity makes it hard to discern just who's a victim, who's a predator, and who's a Future Leader of America. All that's certain is when the veneer of loyalty and friendship is stripped back, what's revealed is a vicious jungle of sexual politics, raw ambition, and class warfare where only the strong could possibly survive. 

It also features the likes of Meredith Deighton, Kaitlyn Valor Bourque, Brenton Herwat, Lisa Melinn, Andy Reid and Jeffrey James Smyk

Directed by Brandy Joe Plambeck

Check out some production/rehearsal photos below: